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1. Creme of Nature Detangling
Shampoo (Red Label)
2. KeraCare Hydrating Shampoo
3. Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair
4. Creme of Nature Ultra Moisturizing
Detangling shampoo (Green Label)
5. Hair One Cleansing Conditioner
6. Dr Bronner's Castile Soap
7. Elasta QP Creme Conditioning
8. L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free
9. ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
10. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream
Lather Shampoo
Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol
2. KeraCare Humecto
3. Aussie Moist Conditioner
4. Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango
5. Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Deep
6. Silk Elements Mega Silk Moisturizing
7. Creme of Nature Nourishing &
Strengthening Treatment
8. Pantene Relaxed and Nature
Breakage Defense Mask
9. Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner
10. Queen Helen Cholesterol
1. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk
Touch Leave-in Creme
2. Herbal Essences Long Term
Relationship Leave-in Split-End
3. Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave-in
4. Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea
5. Elasta QP H-TWO Leave-in
Moisture Sealing Conditioner
6. Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in
Conditioning Repair Cream
7. Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment
8. Creme Of Nature Lemongrass &
Rosemary Leave-In Creme Conditioner
9. Motions Nourish Leave-In
10. Aussie Moist
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This website provides a collection of glitters,  comments, picture, graphics, animations and
much more, that are appealing to African Americans.  We offer graphics that are 100%
original, unlike any other. This site is free to use and with NO POP-UPS EVER! So come on
in and express your style on such sites as Myspace, Xanga, BlackPlanet, CherryTap,
myYearbook , Blackuniverse, Hi5, Fubar and others. Also feel free to right click and save
or copy and paste to your PhotoBucket account.  You can even send graphics through e-mail
and IM's!
2008  All Rights Reserved
This website is in NO way affiliated with and does not make any claims on behalf of or
All images are copyrighted of their respected owners
August 1, 2013
More awesome graphics have been added to CSG, today. There is a new category "Motivational" to motivate you in whatever it is you are doing in your life. Motivate others by sharing these graphics on Facebook! Have fun!

May 31, 2013
As you may have noticed, Chocolate Sister Graphics has been going through some much needed changes. Myspace is out and Facebook is in. lol That being said I have updated the graphics to fit more with Facebook. These images and graphics will still work with other networking sites. There are still some "empty" space here and I will continuously work on filling that space with more fun filled African American inspired memes and graphics. Kisses!!

February 24, 2011
Chocolate Sister Graphics is being upgraded to work more easily with Facebook. With the growing popularity of facebook it is only natural to evolve and grow with it. So expect some changes. For the better of course! Don't worry these graphics will still work with most social media outlets!

January 5, 2010
Happy New year to all my fans and supporters! I hope this year and every year after is filled with many blessings! You may have noticed a new tab on the left, dedicated to HAIRLISTA. This is a very special forum created by a wonderful woman! It's geared toward African American women(mostly) who want to grow healthy, beautiful hair. Please check it out at!

December 21, 2009
I want to send a special Merry Christmas to the Hairlistas! They are a special group of people who are dedicated to taking care of their hair. African American hair! Check them out at

December 1, 2009
Merry Christmas everyone out there in Cyberspace! Here at CSG we are celebrating the holiday season with new, original, African American Christmas Graphics and comments. Start sending yours out today. Show your love with CSG!

November 24, 2009
Turkey Day is almost here, celebrate with CSG. Here you will find Thanksgiving graphics to share with all of your social networking friends! Enjoy your Thanksgiving day feast and thanks for your support!

October 22, 2009
Halloween is here again. Check out the new Halloween graphics and start sharing them with your friends! Also, to keep CSG up and running please help support us by donating any amount you can. Just click the PayPal button. Thanks in advance for your support.

September 1,2009
Chocolate Sister Graphics is back up and running again, as you can see. Many more updates and graphics to come in the next few days. Thank you for your continued support!!

June 26,2009
The world has suffered a great loss today. Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop" has died. He will live in our hearts forever.

April 28, 2009
CSG is still undergoing changes. All for the better of course! Be on the look out for a new category (Mothers Day) coming soon. Also hot new Summer graphics will be added within the next week!

March 2, 2009
CSG is undergoing a whole new look! Please excuse the mess during this process, everything will be finished soon. Hope you like the new look!

February 12, 2009
Happy Valentines day to everyone! Celebrate by sending hot, sexy, and original Valentines Day graphics to your loved ones and friends. Check them out in the Valentines day section under Holidays.

January 28, 2009
This has been a very busy month. First I want to give a big shout out of congratulations to our new President, Mr.Obama. Also new name tags designs are available, so look out for yours in the names section. I want to also point out that the free stuff link below is now featuring Forbes Magazine. FREE FOR ONE YEAR! No credit card needed, no strings attached! Last but not least, you may have noticed a new YouTube widget below. This is Ateyaaa. She is a true DIVA. She has the best advice on hair and makeup, for us Black women. Be sure to subscribe to her channel on YouTube. She will have you looking DIVALICIOUS in no time!

December 1, 2008
Names, Names, Names. They are finally here. I know some of us have very unique and unusual names that are hard to find anywhere. Well here at Chocolate Sister Graphics I want everyone to be able to display their name in style. Check out the "Names" page today!

October 7, 2008
October is Breast Cancer Awarness month. I want to remind all my sistah's to start squeezing, rubbing, and massaging thoes breast! Don't be afraid to touch yourself. Remember to perform a self breast exam at least once a month. Stop by the 'Awarness' page to send a comment to your sistas, mothers, cousins, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, nieces, and all the other women in your life to remind them. Knowledge is Power!

September 12, 2008
Halloween is coming up next month and yes us Black Folk too, can be WITCHES, ZOMBIES, GHOSTS , GOBLINS and MONSTERS. But of course we are always left out! Not anymore! Chocolate Sister Graphics will be providing a flood of African American Halloween graphics. They will be on site in a couple of days.

August 25, 2008
Instead of having a site model with a picture incorporated into the logo, I have decided to have a "Chocolate Star of the Week" sort of like Jet Magazines' "Beauty of the Week. The chosen "Star" will have her picture posted on this homepage for a week. To apply e-mail your photo to
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